Interesting if misguided review

by Seán

The memorisation point you make shows a lack of attention to what is being said. He is specifically taking the responsibility for you building the memories.

As such you are not actively required to memorise, but through a process of gradual exposure, active participation, and timed recapitulations, memories are formed at a procedural level.

As such, the student is never required to actively pursue exercises in memorisation. His approach reflects an understanding of the methods most suited to retention, and reflects best practice given current understanding of memory.

It would be useful for those interested to read the book on his teaching method, which rather enlightening and ties his method into the current understanding.

For my part as an educationalist, I have found his technique very effective.

I have learned french, something no amount of traditional approaches achieved. I go frequently to France and engage fully in all sorts of circumstances, from social to commercial. for this I am most grateful to Michel's method.

Kindest regards


PS. Michel Thomas's accent is when compared to the more Germanic parts of France and Switzerland is not at all odd. I have never had a problem being understood on pronunciation grounds.

Michel Thomas's website on the page entitled 'The Michel Thomas Method: How it Works' states quite clearly in plain English.

"No books. No writing. No memorising. Just confidence – fast."

"There is no need to stop for homework, additional exercises or vocabulary memorisation."

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