e-Flashcardz: Italian Flashcards Software with Photos, Voice and Testing

Are you a visual learner?

Do you prefer learning or revising with flashcards?

200 Words a Day! Learn Italian incorporates the popular e-flashcard option - that is, traditional flashcards learning only interactive!

The Italian flashcard option gives you an alternative, visual way to learn Italian vocabulary.

The Flashcards can be used as an independent, stand-alone course.

They can also be combined with the 200 Words a Day! Memory courses - tick the box to switch between the Flashcards and Memory Triggers at any time during your learning and revisinng.

You can customise the learning method to suit your learning style.

The e-Flashcard Mode offers you many interactive features including:

  • Over 1000 words
  • Native speaker pronunciation
  • Multi-modal - visual, kinesthetic, audio
  • Automatic testing and revision schedule with various pre-testing options.
  • Dictionary - Foreign word/English or English/Foreign Word
  • Build-your-own-Lessons
  • Databases for up to six users.
  • My Worst Words Lesson - updates automatically

In addition, the Memory Trigger with cartoon can be easily accessed for every word - just click on the icon on the word page to effortlessly switch between the two modes

Work through the words in the lesson. Hear the word spoken by a native speaker as often as you wish. Practice its spelling and check you have remembered it by completing the test after each lesson.

Sample Flashcard Summary Page - Lesson: Family

200 Words a Day Flashcard - family

Some learners prefer this method of learning. For others who have completed our original courses with Memory Techniques, it makes a perfect alternative for revision.

So now you have total flexibility.

The 200 Words a Day! Learn Italian Combo 1 incorporates both options as well as Sentences and a new Grammar Slammer module.

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