Italian for mistake
lo sbaglio

italian for mistake

... imagine Steven Spielberg (m) says to his students,
“The way you SPELL YOU make LOts of mistakes!”

The word in Italian for mistake is

The word in Italian for mistake - sbaglio - sounds very much like "SPELL YOU" in English.

Imagine the scenario of a Steven Spielberg teaching a class, telling them they make lots of mistakes with their spelling. The picture will help remind you of the Italian word for mistake.

Remember the picture, remember the word.


per sbaglio = by mistake
sbagliare (v) = to mistake
sbagliarsi (v) = to be mistaken (mistake oneself)

Learn the Gender ...

Gender Triggers are incorporated into the picture to help you remember the gender of nouns at the same time as learning the word.

Note that the main character is Steven Spielberg in the cartoon above, indicating this is a masculine word.

Also, the Italian word is recorded by a native male Italian speaker, while the English word and Memory Trigger are also recorded by male speakers.

Thirdly, the words in the trigger which correspond to the sound similar to the Italian word are colour-coded blue.

Note also that this word takes the Definite Article (the) ”lo” as it is a masculine word beginning with s+consonant (see below).

Remember the picture, remember the gender.

Sentences - the word in action

See and hear a sample sentence of every word like Italian for mistake by clicking on the picture in the 200 Words a Day! Programme.

Written and recorded by native Italian speakers, you will see and hear the word used in a natural, everyday context. The natural intonation which native speakers use is great for developing your listening skills. You will also learn some useful new expressions.

Extend your learning and exposure to natural Italian language with the Sentences module. You can run the Sentences as an independent course, working through the lessons, and testing yourself on them in the revision schedule.

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Ho fatto un sbaglio, puoi prestarmi la gomma?
(I) made a mistake, can you lend me the eraser?

e-Flashcardz - photographic visuals


For those who prefer more traditional rote-learning, try the Flashcard option. Totally interactive, with cool photos. Give it a try as an alternative, or test yourself when you feel confident you have memorised a word.

Great photographic visuals to complement the Memory Trigger cartoons - ideal for testing and revision stages.

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Grammar Lesson:
Definite Articles – the

The 200 Words a Day! Programme teaches you the Definite Article with every noun. It’s good to get used to seeing and hearing the correct article for every noun as they are important to master for grammar. They also help to reinforce the gender. Save yourself valuable study time by learning them at the same time as the noun.

Definite Articles before Masculine Singular Nouns

il – before a consonant
lo – before s+consonant, z, ps, gn or x
l’ – before a vowel

il cane = the dog
lo sbaglio = the mistake
l’edificio = the building

Definite Articles before Feminine Singular Nouns

la – before consonant
l’ – before a vowel

la padella = the frying pan
l’entrata = the entrance

For nouns beginning with a vowel, it is not possible to ascertain the gender just by looking at the Definite Article as it becomes abbreviated (l'). Hence, in the 200 Words a Day! language course we add (m) or (f) after the word. In testing mode we request that you type in the correct gender after the word e.g. l’entrata (f) to help reinforce the gender in your mind.

(Note: The 'Lenient Marking' option allows you to ignore punctuation when testng, however typing the (m) and (f) is still necessary where required.)

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