Italian for Shirt

la camicia

Italian for shirt

la camicia

... imagine actress Cameron Diaz (f) says,
once I buy this new shirt!"

The word in Italian for shirt is ...

la camicia - remember the picture of Cameron Diaz holding a shirt and saying, "I'll COME MEET YA* later!"

(*YA = slang for 'you')

Remember the picture, remember the word.

Learn the Gender ...

You'll automatically check the gender of every noun with the 200 Words a Day! unique Gender Triggers incorporated into every Memory Trigger. In the picture for Italian for shirt:

  • The main character is female
  • The voice recordings in the programme are female
  • The words are highlighted in red colour-coding

Remember the picture, remember the gender.

Sentences - the word in action.

Click on the picture to see and hear a sample sentence of every word like Italian for shirt.

All are written and recorded by native Italian speakers for natural intonation. These every-day sentences are a great way to develop your reading, listening and writing skills and to learn even more new words and expressions.

Run the Sentences module independently, working through the lessons, testing and revision schedule.

Great for extension practice and enhancing your learning.

Devo lavare i calzini, la mia camicetta e la tua camicia.
(I) have to wash the socks, my blouse and your shirt.

e-Flashcardz - photographic visuals

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Plurals – Some Irregular Noun Plural endings

Irregular Masculine Nouns Ending Changes in Plural, e.g.:

il figlio → gli figli - the sons
lo zio → gli zii - the uncles
Note: with accent on the i, as in zio, the i is doubled.

- with accent on second-to-last syllable:

l’abbraccio → i abbracchi - the hugs

l'albergo → gli alberghi - the hotels

- with accent on third-to-last syllable:

il gioco → i gioci - the games

lo psicologo → gli psicologi - the pyschologists (m)

Some Irregular Feminine Nouns Ending Changes in Plural, e.g.:

la banca → le banche - the banks

la droga → le droghe - the banks

la farmacia → le farmacie - the pharmacies/drug stores/chemists

- when ending preceded by a vowel:

la camicia → le camicie - the shirts

la valigia → le valigie - the suitcases

- when ending preceded by a consonant:

l'arancia → le arance - the oranges

la pioggia → le piogge - the rains

Here's a sneaky trick: A few Nouns CHANGE from Masculine to Feminine forms in the plural, e.g.

il bracciole braccia - the arms

il ditole dita - the fingers

il lenzuolole lenzuola - the sheets

l'uovole uova - the eggs

il paiole paia - the pairs

un centinaiodelle centinaia - hundreds

milemila - thousands

Nouns borrowed from other languages remain the same in the plural, just the Definite Article becomes plural, e.g.

il computeri computer - the computers

la hostessle hostess - the hostesses

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