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Today's Clue for the Language Free CD-Rom draw
Memory Triggers
The secret of memory according to the World Memory Masters is to visualize something in a zany, goofy, crazy scene!

The more exaggerated, silly and crazy - the easier the recall.

We make foreign vocab learning simple by providing such a goofy scene, and we take the 'work' out of visualizing....because visualizing properly takes time, so.....

.... to make the visualization super-easy each word has a unique cartoon.

Each word is also written, and spoken by native speakers at the same time, giving you 'multi-modal' learning stimuli!

And of course, scientists tell us that the brain never forgets a picture!

Every image you've ever seen in your life is stored in your brain.

All you need is a trigger to bring it out and to the tip of your tongue!

A Memory Trigger!

So to best remember a new word.... grab yourself a Memory Trigger when you learn the word.

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How to Win a 200 Words-a-Day language CD-Rom of your choice.

Every month our winner will be drawn from all the entries, and offered a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom of their choice.

How the Competition works...

Just Read -> Click -> Submit

Answer 7 easy per email...

You simply answer 7 easy Questions to qualify for the draw. To make it even easier we will tell you the information on where to find the answers in a sequence of seven short, snappy emails!


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A few little rules of the Competition

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  4. You must answer all 7 entries correctly.

  5. A name will be drawn from all the entries that answered the questions correctly.

  6. Every month until the end of 2004 we will be offering the winner the choice of a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom Available are Spanish, French or German.

  7. If you don't win this month, you can enter again next month!

To increase your chances of winning... refer a friend and get them to tell us

To boost your chances of winning, get one of your friends to enter. They will then quote your name and email address on the answer form!

Refer 9 friends, they tell us, and you'll have another 9 entries for that month.

Good luck!

Kevin Crocombe

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