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Learn Languages & Words Faster
and Learn Gender at the same time
Colin Rose in his book ‘Accelerated Learning’ says

“......Berlitz, the world’s largest teacher of foreign languages, have quoted an average of 200 words after 30 hours - 7 per hour average....”

Our system teaches over 200 words per 8 hour day! 25-30 per hour. Or more!

And what’s more, your retention will be over 90% as opposed to around 30% with a rote learning type system.

Follow our automatically Scheduled Revision program which tells you when to review and quickly re-study your work, and you’ll have the tools to never forget a word.

But not only do you learn with speed, you learn the gender of all nouns in the program, at the same time as you learn the word.

You do this by noting that the characters in the cartoon Memory Triggers will be either masculine or feminine.

(In the case of German - we add the third gender - neuter).

99% of language courses do not give you any method of remembering genders. You just have to learn it, by rote.

In the 200 words a day system, a male main character in the cartoon Memory Trigger represents a masculine word and a female main character represents a feminine word.


It is so simple, yet virtually no courses teach this!

(Neuter in German is the smoking animal - our own invention, and quite frankly - so awesomely better than any other way of remembering the Neuter gender - bar none).

And unlike other courses that do teach a gender in a similar way, you’ll find our one shot system is twice as fast as others, who teach you the word, then, in a 2-step system, get you to visualize it (no pic), with a male or female! Therefore, the best of the rest still take twice as long to teach the gender.

In addition, the 200 Words a Day Gender Trigger is further reinforced for you by the following means:

  • a male voice reads the masculine word in English and a male native speaker reads the foreign word.

  • Females read the feminine words.

  • Color coding further reinforces gender learning - red for feminine and blue for masculine.
I recently was phoned by a professional translator who ordered a course for her husband and son. She said, “I still have trouble remembering genders when speaking French, but your system is so simple, that it is astounding I’ve never seen such a thing before!”

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How the Competition works...

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Win a 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish CD, Learn French CD or Learn German CD!

The CD-Roms that you can win are normally $USD45 each (UK£27) and are:

A few little rules of the competition

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  3. Correspondence will be entered in to at our discretion.
  4. You must answer all 7 entries correctly.
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  6. Every month we offer the winner the choice of a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom Available are Spanish, French, German or Welsh and each normally retail at $USD45 [UK£27].
  7. If you don't win this month, you can enter again next month!

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