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Optimum Learning States and Breathing to Learn
Optimum learning is best achieved in a state of ‘relaxed awareness’ or the alpha state.

In the alpha state one’s brainwaves are smooth, slow and relaxed, and one more easily absorbs information.

Experts like Dr Lozanov found that certain largo movements of classical baroque music were conducive to getting the brain in to an ‘alpha state’ with virtually no effort on the part of the listener. Listen to the right music, and the brain will go into the right learning state - alpha.

He also found that if learning material was delivered in short, timed bursts, that combined with synchronised breathing, the learning experience was much more effective.

The 200 Words a Day system includes a Synchronised Breathing mode, and an option to turn on the correct background ‘Baroque Superlearning Music’.

If you are a person who also prefers to learn by doing - you’ll appreciate our Kinesthetic Mode.

This way you can incorporate real 'Multi-Modal’ Learning with -

  1. Audio
  2. Text
  3. Visual (pics and animation)
  4. Kinesthetic learning
  5. Synchronised Breathing.

The more senses you can include in your learning the more effective it is.

Then of course you can test yourself and check your progress, and learning rate in ‘Words per Day’.

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How to Win a 200 Words-a-Day language CD-Rom of your choice.
Every month a winner is drawn from all the entries, and offered a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom of their choice.

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Win a 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish CD, Learn French CD or Learn German CD!

The CD-Roms that you can win are normally $USD45 each (UK£27) and are:

A few little rules of the competition

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  6. Every month we offer the winner the choice of a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom Available are Spanish, French, German or Welsh and each normally retail at $USD45 [UK£27].
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