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You’ll Blast the Words that give you any Trouble
When learning anything, it's most important to do so in the most efficient manner possible.

So does it not make sense then, when learning a language, to have a system where you can concentrate on the words that give you the most trouble?

Of course it does....

..... and you can do this with the 200 Words a Day system, because we have a built a most important lesson called "My Worst Words", which allows you to concentrate on just that - annihilating your worst words.

As you go through the lessons, and mini-tests your scores are constantly tracked.

(So is the time you take to complete lessons, and tests, so that you can always find your rate of learning in words-a-day, as well as the number of words you have actually learned).

With this constantly monitored data, and its automatic updates, you will have a lesson building quietly in the background which will re-teach you, then test you, on your ‘worst words’.

By doing this lesson "My Worst Words" regularly, you’ll be able to efficiently and quickly master even the words that give you the most bother!

Once you have done a few lessons, of the 40+ lessons per course, keep going back to the "My Worst Words" lesson, and blast those trouble-makers to smithereens.

Answer Question #5 here for the Monthly draw to win a '200 Words a Day' CD-Rom of your choice

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How to Win a 200 Words-a-Day language CD-Rom of your choice.
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The CD-Roms that you can win are normally $USD45 each (UK£27) and are:

A few little rules of the competition

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  6. Every month we offer the winner the choice of a 200 Words a Day CD-Rom
    Available are Spanish, French, German or Welsh and each normally retail at $USD45 [UK£27].
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