Language is hard, he makes it as simple as possible

Thanks for your review,

I feel the key thing is the level at which you wish to acheive. (as you have mentioned)

For someone wishing to take a holiday and to be able to have a basic conversation without having to learn the nit-picky ins and outs of a new language then this is a great choice.

Of course it will rely on the other person giving more effort to understand then with a native speaker and I think learning his accent is not major problem.. Have you ever spoke with a French person talking English? Many retain a very strong french accent but are still understandable.

I think it's a learning technique that suits people such as myself who's written language is terrible, dyslexia is a constant burden for me but I love to travel so this is an amazing way to be taught for the reasons I have stated. I see a lot of review knocking the teaching method but without this guy Michel Thomas, I would probably not be able to speak any Spanish or French as I find the standard teaching technique far to slow, far to in depth and far to difficult to retain.

Thanks for for letting me voice an opinion on this guy on your website, I feel he deserves some more positive feedback on the Internet.

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