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Our first offering is an indepth review of The Third Ear - You Can Learn Any Language by Chris Lonsdale.

This book is required reading for any learner of any language, and particularly useful for those that feel it is a tough slog, or that they 'cannot do it'. I particularly like the book because we agree on so many points, including the value of learning loads of vocabulary.

The Third Ear - You Can Learn Any Language - a language learning book review of a book aimed at anyone learning a foreign language.

Click to read the review. Here are some soundbites from it:

  • You CAN learn any language - you have already learnt one.
  • Don't grammaticate to the point of forgetting to communicate. Language is about communicating with people, relaying meaning.
  • Language learning is a TOOL, not a scientific study where absolute precision is necessary
  • Learn to recognize the patterns to languages, they are all about repeating patterns
  • ...and loads more...

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