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What is in the Learn Spanish eBook?

The eBook is a 168-page 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish eBook produced by exceltra.

It can be used on its own or is the perfect complement to the Windows PC based CD-Rom delivered course which uses innovative excelerated learning techniques to teach you over 1,000 Spanish words and phrases, and more importantly, give you ways to remember them.

Memory Triggers for each and every word embed a long term memory hook in to your subconscious... making later recall easier.

With these simple cartoon-based techniques you will remember foreign words and their genders for a very long time, and have the techniques to retrieve them from your memory when you need to use them!

Simple things like using a male character in the pic to remind you of the male gender of the word. Likewise a female main character reminds you of the gender of a feminine word.

Each and every word has a picture to help you with the visualization.... so there are over 1,000 colour pictures in the eBook.

How does the 200 Words a Day! System work with the Learn Spanish eBook?

The 200 Words a Day! system uses the world's Memory Masters methods and techniques, adapted so that any ordinary language student can rapidly learn, and REMEMBER foreign words and phrases.

Each word has a cartoon associated with it, which has a way to remember the word, and a number of other unique features.

These easy-to-use techniques allow an ordinary student to learn 200 Words a Day (...or more...) of foreign vocabulary... and furthermore - retain it, and have it stored in your great big grey cerebral database between your ears.

The Memory Masters teach us a simple fact which is:

To remember a thing, a word or phrase, you just visualise it in a crazy scene. You shoot a mental movie of a funny scene. Most of us remember these and often build little word associations. Using these techniques you can learn to memorize a complete deck of shuffled cards (... the world's best being able to memorize 40 plus decks...)

What our system does for you, is put this into a structured form.

So we simply take each Spanish word, and give you a funny scene by which to remember it.

There are many other tricks and techniques also. To read more about the easy Learn Spanish techniques click on this link. Learn Spanish memory techniques.

The system is put together in a PC (Personal Computer) Windows program, for which this Spanish learning eBook is the perfect companion.

Of course the 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish eBook can be used as a stand-alone, or you can combine it with the Learn Spanish CD-Rom Course.

Over 1,000 of the most important Spanish words are covered.

Learn Spanish eBook sample

To download a free 3 chapter sample of the Learn Spanish eBook click here.

What is a .pdf file?

In case you do not know about pdf files (Portable Document Files) The eBook is in a very common format called a pdf file, which stands for Portable Document File.

To read a pdf file, you need a different program, which most PC's have called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it from the manufacturer's website, where it is a free download from www.adobe.com.

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