Learn Spanish eBook Sample - Free Download here

Here you can download free the first 3 chapters of the 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish eBook sample.

The complete 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish Course # 1 eBook is 41 chapters that follow the PC software program and with this download you get the Intro and Chapters 1 to 3.

The Introduction briefly explains how the system works, and its basic principles.

Following this the Spanish Pronunciation Guide.

Chapters 1 to 3 are direct copies of the 200 Words a Day e-Book, a complete course of 168 colour pages.

Each chapter features up to 30 individual words, each with a Memory Trigger, a way of remembering words and phrases, and all nouns (things) have a unique Gender Trigger.

Memory Triggers help you remember a word and allow you to visually snapshot words and images in to your subconscious mind.

The World's Memory Masters tell us that the best way to remember is to visualize it in a crazy scene, and brain researchers tell us that the brain never forgets a picture.

The 200 Words a Day system will give you the crazy scenes.

Genders and Gender Triggers

A gender is the 'sex' of a noun.

All nouns in Spanish ( and French, German, Welsh, Italian) have genders.... unlike in English.

A Gender Trigger is a character that reminds you of the Gender of the Word.

This seemingly unimportant thing can be a constant trap for language learners. A male main character will remind you that a noun is masculine.

A female main character will remind you that a noun is feminine.

Knowing genders is important means you will be less likely to call a 'him' a 'her' and a 'her' a 'him'.

And you will know that the adjective that follows the noun needs to be male or female also!

If you don't know the gender, you do not know the word.

Famous people help you remember

Because it is easier to remember famous people, we have incorporated hundreds of them in the various 200 Words a Day! excelerated language courses.

Grammar Notes

The words often have grammar notes on its usage.

Using the 200 Words a Day e-Book

The 200 Words a Day e-Book can be used on its own, or can be used in conjunction with the 200 Words a Day computer courses which are available on CD-Rom for Windows PC's.

You can print out your copies on a colour printer, or on a black & white printer. Or you can simply read the material on screen.

You can take it on the bus, or the train, or you can read it in the comfort of your armchair.

You can scribble all over it, because you can always print it again!

Download your 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish eBook sample here

You can download your Sample e-Book here.

The eBook is in pdf format. Pdf stands for portable document file and is a file that can be read on a computer program called a pdf reader. The most popular is Adobe Acrobat Reader, and is available as a free download from their website. (www.adobe.com)

You will need the pdf reader to open, read and print the 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish eBook sample, and indeed the full eBook.

You can download the eBook here now, (...and if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download that afterwards).

Click on the link.

DOWNLOAD your 200 Words a Day Learn Spanish eBook Sample by clicking here

The e-book sample is 980kb, so it may take several minutes to download on a dial-up system. Broadband users will enjoy rapid download.

P.S. Don't forget there is a load more information on the 200 Words a Day Spanish courses on this site.

The PC courses currently available are all viewable from our Order Page

Plus some mini courses by email

Don't forget to also enrol in our 7-part mini-courses. At present we have these available as mini-Spanish lessons, but we will have French 7-part mini-lessons also soon. Spanish 7-part e-Courses

Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions online. It is on the 200words-a-day.com website marked FAQ on the Navbar (Navigation Bar) on the left side of the page.

If you have queries about anything, whether it be about the course or about postage you may find the answers on this page.

Common questions relate to the typing of the different foreign characters, e.g. upside-down question-marks, accents, apostrophes!

Sometimes users are not typing in a little accent or letter here or there, resulting in them dropping points in their tests.

Frequently Asked Questions about 200 Words a Day Accelerated Language Learning

There is also a great deal of help on the Tutorial Pages, which is of particular benefit to course users. If you have ordered the course and are awaiting its arrival in the post you can cover the Tutorials while you wait.

200 Words a Day! Excelerated Language Learning Tutorials - How to Use the Spanish, French, German and Welsh Language Courses

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You might find the answers quicker on the FAQ or Tutorial pages as described above, but do feel free to hit us with any questions.

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