Memorization: I think you missed the point....

- "My point is that you do have to try and remember things. This process is called memorization! Just because the teacher says it requires no memorization does not mean it is so. If you don't remember something you will never learn it! If you have not memorized something it is not in your brain!"-

Michel doesn't mention anything bad or negative about memorizing words in the content of his courses: of course memorization is a part of how we learn!!! Great point, Einstein.

What he does say is that it's important in this context not to think very hard about what you've learned, to use your thinking lightly when recalling words - its not based on an analytical approach to learning, its an approach based on insight.

If you consciously "try" to remember each and every word, you'll likely struggle and exhaust yourself, and probably damage your confidence with learning the language. By avoiding this mistake, you'll make the proccess relatively effortless and pain free.

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