Michel Thomas' accent

by Hugh
(Perth, Australia)

I have done the beginning and advanced French and Portuguese courses, intend to get the German and Japanese Advanced. I have a good ear for accents and dialects, and have known a few Poles. I would agree that MT's accent in English shows he is obviously not a native English speaker, however, it is a gross exaggeration to say that he has a thick Polish accent.

Like when I am speaking Japanese, my Japanese friends tell me my although accent is very good, and they can tell I am not native Japanese, they also can not easily tell from which country I come.

Likewise, Michel Thomas' accent in French could possibly be pinned down to a few non latin countries, but it would take a superb musician with a lot of linguistic experience to tell he is Polish.

His accent in French is pretty good, much better than most adult learners of French would ever achieve. I think your criticisms are a carping rant, and I put Michel Thomas' courses as a desirable, even almost essential, though not sole, tool in the learning of a new language.

I would now feel somewhat handicapped in learning a language if a Michel Thomas course were not available.

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