Michel Thomas for the first time learner

by Stephen

I have tried many times to learn French over the years and always become bored with the courses - both class courses and home study - NOT so with Michel Thomas - I cannot put it down and am progressing at a rate of knots that I would never have dreamed possible. Truly, in one hour I learnt, and just as importantly, digested and retained all that the Course gave me - its that good.

As Michel says "There is no such thing as a bad student - just a bad teacher" Aint that the truth!

I remember my maths lessons at school I was hopeless and came bottom of the class every year and It was purely down to bad teaching methods. I took matters into my own hands after leaving school and found a good tutor who taught differently and ended up passing every exam with honours - I now teach maths.

I do not know why this material by Michel Thomas sticks in your memory banks but it does.Perhaps its because he was a successful psychology professor and he understands the workings of the mind - whatever it is - it works!

As regards accent. I cant judge whether he`s good or bad just yet. I find that the accent comes "from within" I can "do" a good French accent - it is easy for me to do; however I would say to anyone wishing to learn French just concentrate on learning the language first then work on the accent later.

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