Michel Thomas`s Accent

by Jonibobs

Hi, I'm English learning Spanish, and while I'm unable to talk about Michel Thomas`s Spanish accent, I can speak about his English accent, which is very good although I thought he were a Dutch guy teaching Englishmen how to speak Spanish.

Does the accent really matter?

I mean when he`s teaching French Germans and others how to speak English Im sure he`s more than competent to do this, more so than a native Englishman from Liverpool or Newcastle who have real strong regional accents that the majority of native English have trouble understanding.

If this was the case then anyone from the two cities mentioned above who spoke a fluent language and decided to teach English, according to you they would be speaking English with a Scouse or Geordie accent, "or would they ?" would they not be speaking English with a Scouse or Geordie french accent lol, I think not as long as the words are correct they will naturally speak English with there native accents.

I doubt when I go to Spain any native Spaniard would think Im from Poland.

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