Michel's French

by Mr Frog
(Paris, France)

I am French and I listened to a few of MT's French courses out of curiosity and found his accent quite all right.

I think the MT method is a great shortcut to learn foreign languages. So many people lose interest after the first weeks or months of learning a new language because of all the work it takes, because of the tediousness of learning lists of irregular verbs or filling in blanks in boring exercises.

The MT method gives you vocabulary, a sense of a language's grammar and confidence. And you get this with a 12-hour course, i.e. within 12 days or less.

After that, you can start learning that language in a book (and you'll find it much easier than if you started without the MT method) but you'll also be able to engage in small conversations, watch simple movies... and this could boost your motivation, which is, after all what is needed to learn a language.

I have no connection to the MT company, I'm not trying to advertise his products here. I'm just a user, who also happens to have taught French in the past, and I find this method amazing.

I've learnt Dutch and Italian with the MT method and it worked wonders for me. It helps you assimilate complex grammatical rules in an intuitive way.

Of course you're going to need to keep learning the language in question once you're done with the MT method, and you're going to want to really work on the written language, but hey, isn't this how kids learn to speak? They first learn the language, and only after five or six years they start learning to read & write :-)

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