Michiel Thomas Spanish Courses are Excellent Tools for the Spanish Student

by Mark Lamb
(Houston, Texas )

My experience with Michel Thomas Spanish cources has been excellent. His teaching techniques are excellent for learning while you are driving.

Also, I do not get tired of listening as I do on many other boring CD courses. I travel a lot and it is very difficult for me to attend reguarly scheduled classes (which I have done in the past).
I agree with the comments above that you cannot

learn Spanish without writing, etc.; however, Thomas's courses are an absolutely excellent "tool" to supplement other methods and courses. I have listened to his beginning and advanced CD's several times and always pick up on things that I did not learn in any other course. I am sad that he is not still around as I would definately buy any new courses he would produce. For Spanish, I do not have any major issues with his acent.

Also, I believe that other CD courses should use the student - teacher interaction approach as has Michel Thomas, as it is a bit like being in a class and learning from others.

For me, he is a very much appreciated part of my Spanish learning experience, as I have learned a lot from him.

Thanks very much for all, Michel!!

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