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P.S. Below is some recent feedback we have received:

Hi, I ordered my Welsh 200 words a day and it arrived next day. Fantastic service.

I've been hammering away at the course every day since and I can't believe how much I'm learning. The amazing thing is, it's staying in my head, which is a first.

Anyway thanks to everyone and I shall be recommend you to my class mates when we start again.

Again many thanks
B. Spiers

Dear Kevin,

I LOVE all the additions you’ve made to the program!

The Flashcards are surprisingly effective! – imprinting a picture of the actual object combined with the memory trigger...anyone who can't learn the vocabulary with this combination had better find a different hobby!

Sometimes I have to work out how a flashcard picture relates to the vocabulary word, but that keeps the brain working and can sometimes imprint better than the exact picture of an object. (finding a picture to describe the amorphic must be a challenge!)

The example sentences are great for seeing how a word fits into sentence structure and for both learning new and reviewing old vocabulary. Incorporating vocabulary from the lesson in the sentences is great reinforcement.

Lenient Marking – I appreciate this feature! Although I try to type everything exactly as it is in the lesson, it is frustrating to miss a test question just because of a missing exclamation point. (Especially if it’s a long phrase I’ve been working hard to learn!)

Pause Before Correct Answer – great way to think through problem areas!

I love running lessons with the whole set of options! Being able to use the memory triggers along with the flashcards and the example sentences really works a word to death! Fantastic!

Thank you, again, for all your work on these programs!
JulieAnn H.

First Name: Alison

I have purchased and am very pleased with your First 200 words (German). I am amazed at how my vocab has improved and am able to impress my son (living in Munich) and the German pupils at my school!!

I have just been checking your website for what to purchase next. Obviously now I know I like and use the system I want the most cost effective option.

Please advise.

IMAGINE how you'd
seeing yourself learning at a rate of 200 words a day ... the ideal companion course that complements any language course.











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