Regarding your Michel Thomas Review

by Caspian

I think you've focused rather heavily on the fact that he has a foreign accent when speaking English and French, and perhaps not enough on how effective the language courses actually are.

'I cannot comment on the accent on the Michel Thomas Spanish course, Michel Thomas Italian, Michel Thomas Portuguese, Michel Thomas German course or the Michael Thomas anything else.'

I agree with Susan about his Italian accent not being far off, however, not being a native speaker, I can't give a very accurate opinion of it. The same goes for his Spanish accent.

I can tell you, however, that his German accent is native. He has no trace of a foreign accent, and speaks German as his second mother tongue.

He has never done a Portuguese course, only French, German, Italian and Spanish. There is a Portuguese (and Chinese, and Russian) course that uses his method, but it wasn't made by him.

I recommend that everyone read his biography - it's fascinating, and really gives an insight into live during the Second World War.

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