Someone who learnt french using michel tomas's CDs

by Richard

I think that if you already know the language, then you will not be impressed by the CDs, but if you are new to the language (especially if you tried and failed to learn a foreign language before) you will be impressed at what you have learnt in a short time.

However I did get stuck after CD 4. I think I needed a personal tutor. I have recently discovered the review CD that may allow me to patch over the holes and continue.

A note on memory: Michel does not state that you will not remember; He states that you should not try to remember. This may seem a little strange but it simply states that your trying is wrong. You do not know how to remember. Let go of all responsibility of remembering. Just relax and do what you are told. I will be responsibly. You will remember.

On audio: I have never been able to use self study books as I have no idea how to pronounce the words.

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