Spanish for snow


... a woman watching it snow saying,
"I NEVER expected it to snow!!
I should NEVER have left the camel out!"

Use WORD ASSOCIATION to learn words like the Spanish for snow - remembering the picture is easy, and so remember the word.

Enjoy learning words like Spanish for snow - quick, easy, effective and fun.

Spanish Sentences - see the word in action.

Cuando nieva todo el mundo sale a la calle.
When it snows everyone goes out on the streets.

Sample sentences written and recorded by native Spanish speakers for very word in the 200 Words a Day! courses. Hear native intonation and exposure to a variety of accents.

By clicking on the picture in the language learning software, you will be taken to the Sentnece screen to see and hear a sample sentence of the word llke Spanish for snow. Practice and use the sentences to make everyday conversation. Add them to your arsenal of Spanish words.

The sentences will also help to extend your learning by adding in new words and expressions of everyday Spanish life.

The sentences can all be viewed together in the Sentence course, which is included in the Combo packages. The Sentence Course can be run as an independent course, with its own lessons, testing and revision schedules.

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Click on the e-Flashcardz option in the Settings Page for great photographic images as a visual alternative. Works like the traditional flashcards method, only improved with all the interactive learning features of our software. Hear the Spanish word spoken by a native speaker.... and click on it again and again to hear it repeated.

The Spanish e-Flashcardz complement the 200 Words a Day! Memory Triggers, by giving you another learning option, particularly useful when you get to the testing and revision and revision stages.

You can switch between the Memory Trigger and e-Flashcardz modes at any time.

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