The word in Spanish for train is el tren

The word in Spanish for train is el tren, which sounds a bit like the English.

When a word is similar to the English in the 200 Words a Day! system we include the Spanish colors in the picture to assist you to remember this fact. And to teach and remind you it is a masculine word we add a male character to the picture.

So to remember that train is el tren we get you to imagine a train in the Spanish colors, with a young man standing on it as it drives by.


The word in Spanish for train is el tren. For a masculine word a male main character is used, and for a feminine word,a female. Famous people are often used, making recall easier. Remembering words with Memory Triggers© like this makes learning, remembering and recalling words so much easier. ©exceltra

The Spanish word for train is el tren.

This picture and Memory Trigger is taken from our Learn Spanish - 200 Words a Day! software programme available on Windows CD. Each and every word is taught with such a learning device, which is matched with native speakers pronouncing the words correctly.

Remembering that the GENDER of the Spanish word for train is el tren

Notice the main character of the MEMORY TRIGGER© picture is a male? Why is this so important?

With all our lessons we teach you to remember the gender with the word, because this is very important in Spanish. In Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine.

  • Masculine nouns feature a male main character, and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a male native Spanish speaker. Masculine words have the word 'el' before them (el means 'the').
  • Feminine nouns feature a female main character and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a female native Spanish speaker. Feminine words have the word 'la' before them (la also means 'the').
When trying to remember whether a word is masculine or feminine, the answer lies in the picture. Remember scientists tell us that the brain never forgets a picture. And when you have learned the picture, it is there to 'pop'up into your head, when you need it!

To learn more about learning and remembering the gender of Spanish nouns click on this link.

Using Famous People or Celebrities to make the Memory Trigger more Memorable

Wherever possible, and where appropriate we use famous people in the Memory Trigger to assist recall because they are easier to remember.

So you will meet many hundreds of people from history, sports, politics, movies in our courses.

Of course, you may find that a particular person you know, a friend or family member, may better remind you of a Memory Trigger. Use that person! This will be more effective still! And you can record this in your own set of NOTES, which is stored in your own private database of your own NOTES, written as and when you want...

...and stored for your personal future reference. (If you ever want to refer to these notes of your own, you just click a button, to choose a lesson on it, or a test on them! i.e. custom-built to your own requirements).

What happens when words in Spanish are similar to the English

In this case we incorporate the colours of the Spanish flag into the picture, or even a Spanish flag itself. The colours of the Spanish flag are red and yellow.

Words and phrases related to el tren,the Spanish for train

Once you know one word, like the Spanish for train, this makes it easier to learn others... they build like building blocks of Leggo!

Check out some words related the Spanish word el tren. The more words you learn the more you will recognize... and the more rapidly they will build together.

More train words with el tren

tren de alta velocidad which means high-speed train.
tren de largo recorrido long-distance train tren de cercanías suburban train

Other uses of tren, the Spanish for train

tren de aterrizaje undercarriage or landing gear of an aircraft

...and the Spanish for train is used in other ways too...

estar como un tren, to be very handsome, now that is a bizarre one. To handsome like a train!!
a todo tren, in style
tren de vida, life style

and here is another funny use of the Spanish for train! At least this one is bit more understandable!

para parar un tren, (gran cantidad de algo - a familiar colloquial term meaning they have enough of something to stop a train. For example:
tienen dinero para parar un tren - literally it means they have enough money to stop a train, they're swimming in money.

These words were sourced from the Diccionario Espasa Concise: Español-Inglés English-Spanish, ©Espasa-Calpe, S.A., Madrid 2000

el tren means train in Spanish

Remembering that the word for train in Spanish is el tren is made very easy with the superlearning systems of the 200 Words a Day! system. With the 200 Words a Day! system you have to the tools to never forget that el tren in Spanish means train.

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In Spanish train is el tren
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 The word in Spanish for train is el tren.

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