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How to say I talked, I did, you ate in Spanish
The Spanish Past Tense called the Preterite

Grab this Spanish lesson free. It is a 7 part course emailed to you at 3 day intervals.

The preterite is equivalent to words like 'I talked, I did talk, you talked, you did talk,' and refers to actions that are completed and finished. Here are the lesson headings.

  1. The Spanish Preterite Tense - What is the Spanish Preterite Tense?
  2. Spanish Preterite Tense (preterito) for verbs ending in the letters -'ar', the AR verbs.
  3. Spanish Preterite Tense for verbs ending with ER and IR.
  4. Spanish Preterite Tense - Irregular Verbs.
  5. Stem Changing Verbs - Irregular verbs that change their STEM in the Spanish preterite tense.
  6. CAR-GAR-ZAR! More irregular preterite tense words
  7. Verbs with Two Unstressed Vowels: Irregular in the Preterite tense.

Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Course

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