The Spanish Verb bajar

The Spanish verb bajar has many meanings, usually:

  • to go down, to come down
  • to get off, to get out of
  • to lower, to fall, to drop, to diminish, to reduce
  • to get down, to bring down
  • to download

For example:

to go down, to come down

Bajo por la escalera.
I am going down the stairs.
or in a future sense: I’ll take the stairs (I’ll go down the stairs).

Espérame por favor. Ya bajo.
Please wait for me. I’ll be right down.

As in English, it can be used figuratively:

¿Bajas al centro conmigo?
Are you coming down town with me?

¿Bajas a jugar fútbol con nosotros?
Are you coming down to play football with us?

bajar + de = to get off (e.g a train, bike, horse); to get out of (e.g. a car, boat)

(Él) bajó del tren cuando vío a su madre.
He got off the train when he saw his mother.

bajarse + de = to get oneself off/out of something

¡Bájate de la silla!
Get off the chair!

Me bajé de la bicicleta inmediatamente.
I got off the bike immediately.

to go down, to drop, to fall (temperature, tension); to lower, to diminish, to reduce (prices)

“Hoy le ha bajado la fiebre,” le dijo la madre al doctor.
“His temperature has gone down today”, the mother said to the doctor.

bajar los precios = to fall in price

Las ventas han bajado. = Sales have dropped.

Los precios han bajado. = The prices have dropped.

to get down, to bring down

¿Me bajas los zapatillas? = Can you bring down my slippers for me?

to download

Bajar música gratis! = Download music free!

En el internet se puede:

  • bajar música para escuchar
  • bajar músicas gratis de artistas y músicos independientes
  • bajar vídeos de YouTube,
  • y hay muchos juegos para bajar también.

(On the internet one can:
- download music to listen to
- download free music by independent artists and musicians
- download videos from YouTube
- and there are many games to download as well.)


subir = to upload

subir y bajar = to upload and download


subir y bajar = to rise and fall

El subir y bajar del dólar depende de la economía del mundo.
The rise and fall of the dollar depends on the worldwide economy.

Subir y Bajar

Subir y Bajar es el título de una cortametraje de drama realizada por David Planell. Está protagonizada por la actríz Irene Anula. Dura cuatro minutos.

Tiene esta sinopsis:
“Sólo una puerta te separa de él. Y tú tienes la llave.”

Se trata de una mujer muy agitada al teléfono...

Subir y Bajar is the name of a short drama film directed by David Planell. It is acted by Irene Anula. It is 4 minutes long.

The synopsis is this:
“Only one door separates you from him. And you have the key.”

It concerns a very agitated young woman on the phone ...

(She is dealing with the ups and downs of a relationship, the ups and downs of her emotions ...)

Films are a great way to practise your listening skills and improve your Spanish. This film is freely available to view on the web.

Narrator: Carlos Alvarez (Spain).

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