Spanish Vocab Turbobooster Learning

Spanish Vocab Turbobooster learning: Learn another 2,000 words of Spanish by learning the families that convert from English

There are about 30 families of words that you can learn to turboblast your Spanish vocabulary to deeper and higher levels.

Deeper and higher?

Yes, more depth to your Spanish, while simultaneously taking your Spanish vocabulary to a higher level.

Simply by changing a few letters you can convert loads of English words, and know, and come up with their Spanish equivalents.

rapidly becomes rapidamente.

so most adverbs ending in -ly, can be made into Spanish words rapidamente by adding -mente to the feminine form of the noun.

We give you little cartoons for each family/group of words enabling you to remember whether the family of words is feminine or masculine.

The female or male cartoon character will remind you of the word's gender.

And of course we also give you loads of the...

Exceptions to the Spanish Vocab Turbobooster rules...

Yes, every rule is made to be broken and the Spanish vocabulary turbobooster rules are no different.

Never fear our courses allow you to identify and concentrate on the exceptions.

This way you can learn them, easily memorise the rule using our snap-shot visualisations, and learn and remember the exceptions to the rules.

When are the Spanish Vocab Turboboosters ready?

These courses are currently under development and releasing in late 2005. They will be CD-Rom software courses incorporating all the advanced 200 Words a Day! techniques.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Of course it will be announced in our free eZine (enrol below), and via the RSS feed off our Language Learning Blog page.

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