The word in Welsh for crowd



... imagine a crowd of TOUGH girls (f) is throwing TURF
at the horses.

Why turfing turf?

The 200 Words a Day! unique Memory Triggers help you remember words like Welsh for crowd, quickly and effectively. The quirky cartoon helps you visualise and remember the scene.

The Memory Trigger and picture give you built in Gender Triggers to help remind you the gender of nouns.

In the picture of the word in Welsh for crowd, you notice that females are the main characters.

You will hear the Welsh word spoken by a native female Welsh speaker. The English words that give you the link/trigger to the Welsh words are colour-coded red.

Using these techniques you automatically recall the gender when recalling the picture - saving you valuable time by learning the genders at the same time as the word.

Quick, easy and effective.

Flashcardz photographic visual
Welsh for Crowd:


The e-Flashcardz option gives you an alternative visual, adding variety to your learning and testing methodologies. Works just like the traditional flashcard method, but enhanced with the interactive features of our software.

Complement the 200 Words a Day! Memory Triggers with with e-Flashcardz. Particularly useful for testing and revision.

Totally flexible and customisable - switch between the Memory Trigger and e-Flashcardz options at any time.

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