Using 200 Words a Day! Courses and other exceltra courses with Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7

Let's assume you are installing a 200 Words a Day! French Course.

Follow the instructions below for installing from either:
A) a CD-Rom or B) Download Link

A) Installing a CD-Rom:

  1. Insert the 200 Words a Day CD into the CD Rom drive.
  2. The CD will Auto-Run and install our course onto your hard drive.
  3. Don't run the software yet (don’t click the 200 Words a Day desktop icon or select it from the Program Menu until you’ve altered the Windows Vista/Windows 7 Settings). Go to Step 4.

B) Installing From a Download Link:

  1. Click on the link - To download the 200 Words a Day! software, click on the link provided by us and you will be given the option to Save or to Run.
  2. Select Save - It is recommended that you select Save (e.g. to My Documents).
  3. Double click - Double click the file you've saved to start the installation and proceed, following the prompts. Don't run the software yet (don’t click the 200 Words a Day desktop icon or select it from the Program Menu until you’ve altered the Vista Settings). Go to Step 4.

Now Follow:

  1. On the Windows Start Menu, click My Computer then ...
  2. Navigate to:- C:Program Files/Exceltra/French
  3. Right-click on the file French.exe and select properties.
  4. In Vista and Windows 7 there is a "Compatability" tab in the properties dialog ... select this tab.
  5. At the bottom of this tab there is an option to "Run this program as an administrator" - tick this checkbox. This causes the application to run as an administrator instead of the local user account. (Without this setting, the program has difficulty communicating with the database).
  6. Still in this tab, specify to run the program in compatability mode. Run as XP Service Pack 2. (Without this setting, some users have had problems: their computer wasn't playing the AppleQuicktime background music)
  7. Your software is now ready to run, click the 200 Words a Day Desktop Icon or select Exceltra French from the Start Menu

Installing Further CD's from 200 Words a Day!

For the purchase of a second CD or link containing an additional Course of the same language, e.g. French 2, French Proverbs or French Sentences: no further action is necessary.

Same instructions apply to 200 Words a Day! courses in other languages

For other languages or topics simply substitute the French for the appropriate course, Spanish, German, Welsh, Italian etc.

Further information on Vista Compatiblity can be found here.

200 Words a Day! Excelerated Language Learning Software from exceltra
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