The Word in German for cucumber is the same as the word for gherkin


die Gurke
 imagine a woman who could be the wife (f) of a GURKHA 
soldier eating a 
GHERKIN, thinking it was a cucumber!

The German for cucumber is die Gurke, which sounds a bit like GURKHA...

Anyone who knows a bit about the military will associate a GURKHA with the famed soldiers from Nepal, who fight for the British Army...

Well because the word is feminine, we use a feminine character so ...

... so just imagine a woman who could be the wife (f) of a GURKHA soldier eating a GHERKIN, thinking it was a cucumber.

Note the female in the picture reminds you that this is a feminine word.

(Otherwise we would have used a GURKHA soldier with his famous curved knife - the KUKRI)...

Learning a word in this way is so much more effective, that you can learn hundreds of words in a day.

And - in doing so you will remember the GENDERS of the nouns because they will have an appropriate male or female character with them....

Masculine word means we include a male character in the Memory Trigger...

Feminine word means we include a female character in the Memory Trigger cartoon...

We call these GENDER TRIGGERS, and there is no more powerful way of learning German vocabulary... and more to the point - REMEMBERING the German vocabulary that you have learnt...

And there is more too...

All feminine words are voiced by FEMALE native German speakers.

All male words are voiced by MALE native German speakers.

Of course, if you know a little German, you will know that there is a third GENDER, the neuter gender...

How do we handle that one, you might wonder.

Well, we have devised the most powerful GENDER TRIGGER for this gender... a smoking animal... any neuter noun in German is taught with a smoking animal in the Memory Trigger to remind you that the word is neuter.

In our courses you will therefore encounter:

smoking monkeys, giraffes, alligators, hyenas, penguins, pelicans etc etc...

This is a tool that is so, so powerful.

[Oh yes - and there is an added audio 'Memory Trigger'. Neuter words have an 'echo' in the recording, that will help you remember the word is neuter gender].

Compare this to what most schools, and courses use which is ... mmmmm

....ahhh nothing...

just learn it with the word, and when you come to need it i.e like when you need to know a gender so that you can add an adjective, or know what CASE to use ...

well, there is nothing to help you remember it...

...unless you learn with a MEMORY TRIGGER that includes a GENDER TRIGGER like ours!!!

Once you learn one word, like the German for cucumber, or gherkin, this provides the foundation for other words, like ....

die Essiggurke (f) = gherkin (vinegar/pickled cucumber)

das Gürkchen (n) = mini gherkin / baby pickled gherkin.

saure Gurken = pickled gherkins.

die Gewürzgurke = pickled 'herbed' gherkin.

der Gurkensalat (m) = cucumber salad.

Anyway, to learn German vocabulary super fast you need to use a system like ours.

Read about learning words like the German for cucumber rapidly, and what's more REMEMBERING the words, and their GENDERS!

If you don't learn with Memory Triggers and Gender Triggers, just be prepared to work quite a lot longer and harder!

Or take the easy way of learning German vocabulary with the 200 Words a Day! Learn German courses!... now with powerful sentence builder courses as supplements...

You have nothing to lose... we have one year money back guarantees!

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German for cucumber, and gherkin

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