Daily Spanish Lesson - Today's Verb Conjugated

Your daily Spanish lesson and verb of the day. Take 3 or 4 minutes to recite the table. Do these for 30 days and watch your verb knowledge grow - for ALL tenses. Even the "hard" ones! For faster verb learning fill in the blanks of the Spanish verb table on paper.

Fast Spanish Verb Learning

The Spanish verbs are presented in the most practical verb table yet devised.

Most tables only teach each group tense by tense.... e.g. present tense, past, future etc.  So you don't learn them by pronoun for all the tenses.

The verb tables you can see here will teach you the verb lesson BOTH ways - and are quick.

It takes a couple of minute to recite all the Spanish tenses either:

  • horizontally - row by row
  • ... or vertically - column by column - in the table.
  • That is about three to four minutes to practise your Spanish verb drills both by BOTH:
  • PRONOUN (vertically) - that is I, you, we, he, she, they etc, through the tenses, AND ALSO by
  • TENSE (horizontally) through the pronouns.
  • Do them all at least once, and with every new day each new verb consolidates the last! Set yourself a routine that works for you. e.g. 
  • do them before a meal, or while preparing a meal
  • recite them from memory in the shower
  • in your car
  • on the train
  • before you go to bed etc

REMEMBER ... by doing these verbs VERTICALLY, as well as horizontally, you are not just DOUBLING your learning. You are forcing your brain to see the verb conjugations in a different, yet equally important way... a way that is rarely taught by most teachers and textbooks.

Secret Weapon to Learn Verb Faster

There is a SIMPLE SECRET WEAPON that will REALLY boost your Spanish verb learning and make it much, much more effective.

So simple that it is easy to underestimate its effectiveness.

If I am having any trouble with a particular verb or conjugation, this is the tool I find helps me best learn the verb.

Just download the FILL-in-the-BLANKS Spanish Verb Table, print it out, and fill it in daily with the Verb of the Day, or any verb that you are practising.

This will really consolidate your verb learning. Try it.

Read aloud the Spanish verb of the day conjugations daily for 30 days and you'll be favourably impressed with your knowledge of all the verb tenses and patterns for each verb family.

Every month we feature a new group. AR verbs one month, ER another month, then IR etc.

Recite a verb a day - in full, both along the rows and down the columns to solidify your knowledge of Spanish verbs in all the different tenses.

Remember - to make the daily Spanish lesson most effective write the tables out every day. Work on the ones that stump you again, and again until proficient.

Download the FILL in the BLANKS Spanish Verb Table above.

That is what I do to consolidate any verb I want to learn or polish.

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