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Spanish for enjoy is disfrutar

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Like the word in Spanish for enjoy - disfrutar...

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Anyway, back to the point....

The word in Spanish for enjoy, as in the verb 'to enjoy' is DISFRUTAR. Which sounds like 'DIS FRUIT AAAHHHH!....

....as in 'I am going to ENJOY 'DIS FRUIT AAHHHHHH!'


...we add a cartoon picture, that helps you remember the word. This we call a Memory Trigger... and we give them for every, single word in our courses.


Look at the chappie ENJOYING DIS FRUIT AAAHHHH!!

Once you learn one Spanish word, then this opens the doors to other words ... like ...

disfrutar de
to enjoy something
disfrutar con algo
to enjoy something
disfrutar + gerund
to enjoy - - -ing something

Disfruto las aventuras.
(I) enjoy adventures.
Disfruto la Navidad por los regalos.
I enjoy Christmas because of the presents.
Los niños disfrutan de treparse en los árboles.
Children enjoy climbing trees.
Disfrutamos de buen tiempo.
We enjoyed/are enjoying good weather.
Disfruta de buena salud.
S/he enjoys good health.
Disfruto viéndola bailar.
I enjoy watching her dance.

el disfrute (m)

Also, take note of:

to amuse oneself, enjoy oneself, have a good time

Learn words like the Spanish for enjoy - disfrutar more speedily and more effectively

Anyway our courses teach vocabulary with a Memory Trigger such as this.

... and these techniques are derived from the techniques of the world's Memory Masters.

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For nouns our Memory Triggers are even more powerful...

because we use the characters in the cartoon, to remind you of the GENDER of the noun.

So for masculine nouns, we would have a male main character.

So this Memory Trigger cartoon could be used to remind us of the Spanish word el disfrute (m) which is Spanish for enjoyment

For feminine nouns we would have a female main character.

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