The word in French for fill (the verb - to fill) is combler

The word in French for fill (the verb - to fill) is


(pronounced KOMBLAY) which sounds a bit like COME PLAY.

To remember this imagine that FILLING a large hole with COMBS is COMM-odore Nelson who calls "COME PLAY!"

Take a few moments to envisage this scene. Close your eyes. Play it again and again through your mind's eye to imprint this cartoon Memory Trigger© into your subconscious.

To enhance this Memory Trigger© you can make the scene more zany in your mind's eye. Add in a large truck dumping hundreds of giant COMBS into the hole, FILLING it. Add in the sound, noise, dust, sparks...

Imagine the sounds, the smells, the feelings you might experience.

The more silly stuff, the more variety and the more senses you incorporate the better will be the recall.

Famous people are often used, making recall easier. So that is why we added in COMM-odore Nelson. OK maybe we have adjusted his rank a bit, but you get the picture!

Remembering words with Memory Triggers© like this makes learning, remembering and recalling French words so much easier.

Remembering the GENDER of French words (nouns only) 

Notice the main character of the MEMORY TRIGGER© picture is a male? In this case, a famous person - COMM-odore Nelson.

With all our lessons we teach you to remember the gender with the word, because this is very important in French language. In French all nouns are either masculine or feminine. And it is not always easy to remember which. Hence we add such a GENDER TRIGGER© to all French nouns that you learn.

  • Masculine nouns feature a male main character, and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a male native French speaker. (Masculine nouns start with le, which means 'the'.
  • Feminine nouns feature a female main character and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a female native French speaker. Feminine nouns start with la, which also means 'the'.
When trying to remember whether a word is masculine or feminine, the answer lies in the picture. To learn more about learning and remembering the gender of French nouns check out this link.

Remember scientists tell us that the brain never forgets a picture. And when you have learned the picture, it is there to 'pop' up into your head, when you need it! Most of our thousands of users experience this!

Of course, you may find that a particular person you know, a friend or family member, may better remind you of a Memory Trigger. Use that person! This will be more effective still! And you can record this in your own set of NOTES, which is stored in your own private database of your own NOTES, written as and when you want...

...and stored for your personal future reference. (If you ever want to refer to these notes of your own, you just click a button, to choose a lesson on it, or a test on them! i.e. custom-built to your own requirements).

Check out some RELATED FRENCH WORDS based on fill (the verb - to fill) - the FRENCH WORD for combler

Take a look at some of these words and phrases that are related to the FRENCH WORD for fill (the verb - to fill)) - combler that we have just learned (or reviewed).

c'est le comble: means that beats all others, that takes the cake, that tops everything
comble: as an adjective means packed, filled to the brim, filled up,
le comble: can also be a noun referring to the height of say pleasure for example.
les combles: is the word used for loft, attic.
combler: can also mean to satisfy, to fill a need.
combler les lacunes: means to fill in the gaps (lackings) in one's knowledge.
Il a comblé ses lacunes en biologie.: He brushed up on biology. (He filled in the gaps/his weak points in biology).

Once you know one French word, it often serves as a base to learn others... they build together like building blocks! The more French vocabulary you learn, the more words and compound words you will get to recognize.

Learning words and phrases, like that combler means fill (the verb - to fill) in French is easier using the 200 Words a Day! French learning software system.

Where the French word is similar to the English word...

...we incorporate into the picture the French colours, that is the colours of the French flag le tricolor - red, white and blue. This helps remind you that the words are similar in both languages.

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In French fill (the verb - to fill) is combler

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The word in French for fill (the verb - to fill) is combler.

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