The French for lay is pondre

The word in French for lay as in 'to lay eggs' is pondre.

To remember this a good Memory Trigger ™ is to imagine a hen PONDERS as she LAYS her eggs by a POND.

To illustrate this word a little more I added have some shots taken in April 2007, of the green turtles on the remote island of Ascension, who have been laying their eggs in the sand of its beaches for millions of years...


Les tortues pondent leurs oeufs dans le sable sur la plage.
The turtles lay their eggs in the sand on the beach.

The mother turtle above has just emerged from the Atlantic ocean, spent about thirty to forty minutes laboriously crawling up the beach, and is just starting to dig a big hollow in the sand with her front flippers.

When the hollow is deep enough, she then uses her rear flippers to dig a cylindrically shaped hole, about 18 inches deep, about 45 centimetres, and then she begins to lay her eggs in the nest in the sand. (below)


Sur cette photo, vous pouvez voir des bébés tortues qui, durant leur course jusqu'à la mer, sont tombés dans le nid d'une maman tortue où dans lequel se trouvent ses oeufs.
In this photo you can see hatched baby turtles who, during their run to the water, have fallen into the nest of a mother turtle who is laying her eggs. (Don't worry I reached in and rescued the babies who scurried off into the night for their first swim...)

French for 'to hatch'...

The word in French for hatch, as in to hatch like eggs hatching, is éclore which also means to blossom, come out. To remember this imagine a chick has to CLAW its way out of the egg to get hatched...


Sur la photo vous pouvez voir ces bébés tortues qui viennent d'éclore de leurs oeufs il y a dix minutes.
In the photo you can see these baby turtles that have just hatched from their eggs, about ten minutes earlier.

Pondre also means to produce or 'churn out' writings, articles, poems, musings and such like.

Stuff that you have to PONDER about before getting it out of your brain and onto a piece of paper...

Ce matin j'ai pondu un poème.
This morning I wrote a poem.

PONDER on these for a while, and let the triggers sink in to your grey matter...

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The French word for lay is pondre

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The word in French for lay is pondre.

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