The word in French for pea, polka dots but not the colour of apples!

The word in French for pea is le petit-pois

This sounds like PETTY PWA...

french-for-pea to remember this, imagine a PETTY thief (m) who is PWETTY POOR stealing and eating your peas!!

Because the word is masculine we have a male character in the cartoon Memory Trigger, which will help you to remember that the word is masculine...

Masculine words are read by male native French speakers, so you will be learning from the perfect pronunciation of a native.

Likewise feminine words feature a female character in the cartoon Memory Triggers, and the voicings in our computer software courses are recorded using female native French speakers.

All 1,000 words in each of our French vocabulary courses (Courses 1 and 2 - 2,000 words in total) come with a cartoon Memory Trigger to help you remember the word, and in the case of nouns, its gender.

(Gender is the 'sex' of a word... and in French all nouns are either masculine or feminine!)

Because remembering gender while learning French is something that most English speakers find difficult.

With our system, we make things so much easier for the learner of French language...

...and once you learn one word, this acts as a springboard to learn other French words, and develop more depth of meaning. .

For example...

Mon fils compte les petits pois dans son assiette.

My son counts/is counting the peas on his plate.

(Note that assiette is a feminine word, but uses son, which is masculine... why?? Because assiette starts with a vowel and sa assiette does not sound quite right...the French say son assiette, so that there is no vowel on vowel clash!)

le petit-pois (m)= green/garden pea (singular)

les petits-pois (m) = green/garden peas (plural)

le pois = pea (botanical-seed /culinary-fruit)

le pois cassés = split pea

le pois chiche = chick pea

le pois de senteur = sweet pea

la soupe aux pois (f) = pea soup


le pois can also mean: dot

e.g. à pois = polka-dot, spotted.

And note!

English : pea-green (adj) = French: vert pomme (apple-green!)

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In French the word for pea is le petit-pois
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- The word in French for pea is le petit-pois.

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