There two words in French for sausage!!

At least to make things easy - one is feminine and one is masculine.

And, one is hot and one is cold! But which word in French for sausage is which?

The feminine one is usually hot, fresh and cooked!

la saucisse

Plural: les saucisses

a girl(f) says to her mum (f), "Enough SAUCE, CEASE now! Don't drown the darn sausage!" as she squirts ketchup all over the sausages.

french-for-sausage-is-la saucisse

la saucisse blanche = white sausage - very common, sometimes with added ingredients like potatoes, cheese, herbs (e.g. basil).
la (saucisse) merguez = spicy sausage.
la saucisse de Francfort = frankfurter sausage / hot dog sausage.
la saucisse de Strasbourg = knackwurst, like a red-skinned hot dog.

A typical meal from the Alsace region of north-east France is choucroute which is pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) and served with saucisse.


The masculine word in French for sausage refers to air-dried, cured, smoked, salami-type sausage, usually sliced and eaten cold.

le saucisson

Plural: les saucissons

a sorceror (m) pours SAUCES ON his salami-type sausage...

french-for-salami-type sausage-is-le-saucisson

These are usually bought in la charcuterie (delicatessen-type butcher). They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavours, usually pork and/or beef, but and also include ones like pressed ham sausage. You often see them on a cold meat platter, served with bread, salad and cheeses.

le sauscisson sec = dry salami-type.
le saucisson à l’ail = garlic sausage.

A famous saucisson in France is the "Bâton de Berger" from Justin de Bridou.

Other sausages:

le boudin (m) = blood sausage.


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 - The word in French words for sausage are la saucisse and le saucisson.

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