French Idiom: affaire

Once you have a grasp of French sentence building, grammar and vocabulary you will want to build your fluency. A key part of this is learning French idioms. Idiomatic expressions are the key to how people really speak a language day to day.

French Idioms using affaire

Many idiomatic expressions use the word affaire. Here are some ...

Cela fera parfaitement l'affaire.
That will do perfectly. That fits the bill. That does the job just fine.

C'est son affaire.
That's his business, his lookout. That is his concern. That is his affair.

Ça c'est mon affaire.
That is my business. It is none of your business.
Or ... leave it me - that's a job for me.

Je ne parle pas de mes affaires aux autres.
I don't tell others of my plans/business.

Ils parlent affaire.
They are talking business.

C'est une triste affaire.
It's a sad business. It's a sad affair.

And note the difference between these two French idioms using affaire

Avoir affaire à quelqu'un
To have to deal with someone. To have to speak to someone. To have a rapport with someone.

affaire de quelquechose
a matter that depends on the thing mentioned. For example:
 - Le film est affaire de goût.
 - The film is a matter of taste.

And more idioms with the word affaire

Faire son affaire
to succeed.
 - Il a fait ses affaires dans les vins.
 -  He made his money in wine (... in the wine business/trade).

Faire son affaire de quelquechose
to take it upon himself to make something happen.

C'est une triste affaire.
It's a sad business. It's a sad affair.

Il vaut mieux avoir affaire à Dieu qu'à ses saints.
It is better to deal with the boss than the subordinates. Literally it is better to deal with God than his saints.

Practise these idioms to improve your French fluency.

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French Idiom affaire

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