French Idioms Using Air

French Idioms using air

Check out French idioms using the word air ... There are quite a number of French idioms using the word air.

En plein air.
In the open air.

A ton air on ne te donnerait pas vingt ans.
From the way you look one would not take you for twenty (years of age).

Il parle en air.
He speaks a load of hot air. He speaks without thinking.

Vivre de l'air du temps.
To survive on air. To eat nothing. To survive on very little. To have no material belongings or wealth.

Elle a quelquechose de ton air.
She takes after you. Literally, she has something of your look, of your air.

avoir l'air de (+ infinitive).
To have or give the impression of ...
Ce problème avait l'air d'être facile.
This problem appeared to be easy.

avoir l'air de quelquechose, de quelqu'un.
To have or give the impression of, to seem like, to resemble something or someone.

Ce qu'il m'a dit avait l'air d'un mensonge.
What he said to me seems like a lie.

Il a un faux air d'avocat.
He looks something like a barrister, a lawyer, an attorney.
He has the look of a barrister, lawyer, attorney.

La grippe est dans l'air.
Flu is going around. Literally flu is in the air.


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