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A suggested way to review this lesson:
Do or review the French lesson in your 200 Words a Day! French Vocab Course 1 to refamiliarise yourself with the vocabulary and the Memory Triggers.
Test yourself on the vocabulary using the Test function in your 200 Words a Day! French Vocab Course 1.
Listen to the dialogue on the left 3 times (the more the better), reading through the text.
Repeat it aloud as often as you wish.
Remember there's no need to get too tied up with LITERAL word for word translations. Just absorbing the general meaning given in the English text.

These French Lesson Dialogues incorporate every word learnt in Exceltra's 200 Words a Day! Learn French Course 1 Lessons.

The French Lesson Dialogue podcasts are free. They are intermediate level.

You do not need to have purchased the 200 Words a Day! French Course 1 - but it will help to have previous exposure to the target vocabulary.

Download the audio to your ipod or computer and listen to two native French speakers in conversation, while following the transcript on every lesson page. Read and listen as often as you wish.

Use the French Lesson Dialogues to consolidate the 200 Words a Day! French vocabulary and broaden it with exposure to more words, some common French turns of phrase, quips and nuances.

All the dialogues have been cleverly written by Charlotte Chateau, and recorded by Charlotte and Carlos Alvarez.

Bring French to life - enhance your learning - Enjoy!


parler = to talk, to speak

French Lesson Dialogues:

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Lesson 1: Common Words (1)
Lesson 2: People
Lesson 3: Home - General
Lesson 4: Where
Lesson 5: Food
Lesson 7: Time
Lesson 8: Weather
Lesson 9: Restaurant, Café
Lesson 10: Common Words (2)
Lesson 10: Common Words (2)
Lesson 11: People - Family
Lesson 12: Days, Months, Seasons
Lesson 13: Home - Kitchen
Lesson 14: Food - Fruit & Vegetables
Lesson 15: Colours
Lesson 16: Town
Lesson 17: Adjectives
Lesson 18: Common Words (3)
Lesson 19: People - Friends
LLesson 20: Food - Meat & Seafood & Drinks)
Lesson 21: Bank, Post Office
Lesson 22: Home - Bathroom
Lesson 23: People - Body
Lesson 24: Transport
Lesson 25: Shopping
Lesson 26: Verbs
Lesson 27: People - Clothes
Lesson 28: Common Words (4)
Lesson 29: Home - Bedroom
Lesson 30: Travel
Lesson 31: Expressions (1)
Lesson 32: Animals
Lesson 33: People - States
Lesson 34: School
Lesson 35: Shapes, Forms, Quantities
Lesson 36: Environment
Lesson 37: Leisure
Lesson 38: Health

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