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This 200 Words a Day! French Pronunciation Guide, produced for us by Dorothée Huleux, is a quick and easy-to-understand introduction to help you understand the quirks of French Pronunciation.

Hear Dorothée pronounce the French alphabet and analyse the sounds of the vowels and consonants clearly and concisely, giving several examples of many different French sounds.

It is an ideal starting point for anyone learning the French language.

french vowels pronunciation

Discover how a letter can change its sound depending on:

            its position within a word.

            the various combinations with other letters.

            whether it has an accent.

The 200 Words a Day! French Pronunciation Guide is great for:

           hearing a native speaker pronouncing French sounds.

           practising French sounds out loud with Dorothée.

           repeating sounds as often as you wish, just click on the buttons.

           learning the main differences in French sounds

           use as reference material.

french pronunciation guide

For example: The French "u" sound as in:

The French word lu (past participle of to read) and the letters ou as in loup (wolf).

This u sound is not replicated in English (the English u sounds more like the retort that Paris Hilton makes when she does not like something or someone - "Eeeeuuw!" (I really don't think you can spell it, but it is American teenage speak for 'yuk'.)

The French u sound is similiar to the sound in the English word tool.

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