French Verb DIRE. Say in French

6 Things to Know about DIRE - French for SAY

            The French verb DIRE is the verb in French for say.

To remember this imagine: an old DEAR says, "OH DEAR!"

Improve your French vocabulary learning using picture memory triggers which will give you great recall of new French words and concepts!

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french-verb-dire means say in French
to say: dire
Imagine an old DEAR says, "OH DEAR!".    VERB CONJUGATION TABLE dire
Simple Tenses dire

dis dis dit disons dites disent
Past Imperfect

disais disais disait disions disiez disaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

dis dis dit dîmes dîtes dirent

will say
dirai diras dira dirons direz diront

would say
dirais dirais dirait dirions diriez diraient

may say
dise dises dise disions disiez disent
Compound Tenses dire      past participle: dit
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have said
ai dit as dit a dit avons dit avez dit ont dit
Past Perfect

had said
avais dit avais dit avait dit avions dit aviez dit avaient dit
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have said
aurai dit auras dit aura dit aurons dit aurez dit auront dit
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have said
aurais dit aurais dit aurait dit aurions dit auriez dit auraient dit

dis disons dites

        MORE on the FRENCH VERB dire      

French verb dire means say in French The French verb dire can be translated as: to say, to tell.
Dis-moi la vérité.
Tell me the truth.
“Je suis désolé”, dit-il.
“I am sorry”, he said.

French verb dire means say in French Here are some other current expressions using the French verb dire:
Je ne te le fais pas dire.
I couldn’t have put it better myself.
Dire du mal de quelqu’un.
to speak ill of somebody.

French verb dire means say in French J’ai fait 50 pompes ce matin. Ben dis donc !
I did 50 push-ups this morning. Good God!
Ca te dit quelque chose ?
Does it ring a bell?

     SAY in FRENCH    

  • The French verb for SAY dire is an irregular verb from the 3rd group.

  • Watch and listen to the video covering the conjugations of DIRE and listen to its conjugations recited aloud by a native French speaker Allison.

  • To really improve your knowledge of the conjugations of dire, recite these verb tables aloud 10 times at various times during the day - preferably from memory. At first you may have to refer to the tables, but eventually you will do them from memory. This will better embed the patterns into your subconscious, and your long term memory.

  • Recite the DIRE verb tables any time you can grab a few spare minutes. On the trai, plane, in the car, at the bus-stop, while lolling about in the bath or while under the shower, while waiting for that an appointment.

  • To really super-consolidate your verb learning of DIRE, and its conjugations and those of any other French verbs, download and fill in the blanks of our secret weapon - the worksheet fill-in-the-blank verb tables. This is one of the most POWERFUL weapons to have in your verb arsenal, and great for helping you learn the French verb DIRE - (say in French).

  • There are hundreds more verb tables of conjugated French verbs like DIRE (to say in French) in the French Verbs List.

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