French Verb VOULOIR. Wish or Want in French.

Just add an Infinitive + 5 Things to Know about VOULOIR

            French verb VOULOIR is the verb in French for want or wish.

To remember this imagine: that during the WOOL WAR they WANTED WOOL.

VOULOIR is another MODAL VERB, and like POUVOIR, you can add any infinitive after it to form a phrase.

For example I would like is je voudrais (which sounds like VOO-DRAY). After this you can plug any infinitive to make a useful phrase. So, if we add the verb boire (to drink) we get
     je voudrais + boire = je voudrais boire - I would like to drink.
     je voudrais + manger = je voudrais manger - I would like to eat.
     tu veux + chanter = tu veux chanter dormir - you want to sleep.
     nous voudrons + marcher = nous voudrons marcher - we will want to walk.... etc.
So every verb you learn can be added to a phrase using one of the vouloir conjugations. See more examples below the verb table.

If you want to improve your French vocabulary learning, using picture memory triggers will give you more effective and deeper recall of new French verbs!

Take a couple of minutes to read aloud ALL the verb conjugations of vouloir below - by (1) ROW and by (2) COLUMN . . . then check out more on this word below the verb table.

Vouloir means want in French
to want in French: vouloir
Imagine that during the WOOL WAR they WANTED wool..    VERB CONJUGATION TABLE vouloir
Simple Tenses vouloir

veux veux veut voulons voulez veulent
Past Imperfect

voulais voulais voulait voulions vouliez voulaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

voulus voulus voulut voulûmes voulûtes voulurent

will want
voudrai voudras voudra voudrons voudrez voudront

would want
voudrais voudrais voudrait voudrions voudriez voudraient

may want
veuille veuilles veuille voulions vouliez veuillent
Compound Tenses vouloir     past participle: voulu
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have wanted
ai voulu as voulu a voulu avons voulu avez voulu ont voulu
Past Perfect

had wanted
avais voulu avais voulu avait voulu avions voulu aviez voulu avaient voulu
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have wanted
aurai voulu auras voulu aura voulu aurons voulu aurez voulu auront voulu
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have wanted
aurais voulu aurais voulu aurait voulu aurions voulu auriez voulu auraient voulu

veuille voulons veuillez

        MORE on the FRENCH VERB vouloir      

Want in French is VOULOIR


The French verb vouloir means to want:
Je ne veux pas de ton aide.
I don’t want your help.
Je voulais juste te dire que je suis désolée.
I just wanted to say I’m sorry.
Elle lui en veut de lui avoir dit qu’elle était grosse.
She’s mad at him for calling her fat.

Want in French is VOULOIR You saw above the verb table how any verb infinitive can be put after a vouloir phrase to make a useful phrase. You can also put a noun after such a vouloir phrase to show that you want a particular thing.

Je veux l'orange.
I want the orange.
Patrique voudrais la pomme.
Patrique would like the apple.
Nous voudrions le vin blanc.
We would like the white wine.

Tu veux le rouge ou le noir?
Do you want the red one or the black one?
Comme tu veux.
As you wish.

Want in French is VOULOIR Veuillez patienter, un de nos agents va répondre à votre appel.
Please be patient, one of our agents is going to answer your call.
Tu vois ce que je veux dire.
You know what I mean.

Want in French is VOULOIR Tu sais où sont mes chaussures ?
Do you know where my shoes are?
Comment veux-tu que je le sache, ce n’est pas moi qui les porte.
How should I know? It's not me that wears them.


  • The French verb for want vouloir is an irregular verb from the 3rd group.
  • Watch and listen to the video covering the conjugations of VOULOIR and listen to its conjugations of recited aloud by a native French speaker Allison.
  • To really improve your knowledge of these conjugations, recite these verb tables of VOULOIR aloud 10 times at various times during the day from memory. They are best done when reciting from memory, but by all means you can start out by initially reading the verb tables as you listen to the video or sound recording. This will better embed the patterns into your subconscious, and your long term memory.
  • Recite these verb tables any time you can grab a few spare minutes. On a plane, in the car, on the bus, or on the train, or while soaking in the bath or while under the shower, while waiting for that dentist's appointment.
  • To really super-consolidate your verb learning of vouloir, and any other French verbs, download and fill in the blanks of our secret weapon - the worksheet fill-in-the-blank verb tables. This is one of the most POWERFUL weapons to have in your verb arsenal, and great for helping you learn the French verb VOULOIR - (want in French).
  • There are hundreds more verb tables of conjugated French verbs like VOULOIR (want in French) in the French Verbs List.

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