French Word of the Day!

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French Word of the Day

You can add a free French Word of the Day and matching cartoon picture to your website. A new picture will appear for each day of the month. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words, and what's more...

...the brain never forgets a picture.

...and these are not just ANY picture... they are the Memory Triggers to help you learn, remember and recall a word, and in the case of a noun - its gender!

Add a French Word and Picture of the Day to your Website

Every day you will get a different word and picture appearing on your website.

This will give you fresh content every day of the month with no effort on your part.

Ideal for your language learning website, or for your school, class or personal websites.

Simply copy the script in the box below the line and paste it to your website on the page you want it to appear:

----Copy below this line and paste to your Webpage for a Left Aligned Picture---- 

Apologies, this feature is not working

at the moment!

‑‑‑‑Copy the stuff above this line‑‑‑‑

Once you have made the link please do let us know your site address by contacting us via our Contact Us Page.

Legal Blurb ‑ Terms and Conditions of Use

You are free to use the above 'Word of the Day' links to display on your website. You may not change the code.

Enjoy your French learning.

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Kevin Crocombe

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French Word of the Day

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