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Have you registered for the free Foreign Service Institute FSI Learn German Lessons - Course by Email?

If so, this page helps to answer any questions you may have.

Just to reiterate, we are giving away the exact same course which we normally sell for $47. You may have seen prices elsewhere on the internet of up to $200 per course, but here, we are giving it away FREE - GRATIS - NO CHARGE.

About the FSI Learn German - Lessons by Email Course

There are 2 parts to this course, over 330 pages with hours of corresponding audio recordings.

These lessons use TRADITIONAL LEARNING methods, and although a little dated they still provide a very thorough and indepth look at how the German language works. We would like to modernise them at some stage, to incorporate some of the more modern, memory-enhancing techniques used in the 200 Words a Day! courses. These are actually a perfect complement to the FSI courses, as they will allow you to fill a lot of the gaps in your vocabulary learning.

Course 1 consists of 12 LESSON UNITS which we have divided into 2 PARTS. Each part will be sent to you in two lots of 7 emails.

FSI Learn German Course Volume 1.

  1. Part 1 - Introduction, Units 1 - 6, including a vocabulary section at the end of each Unit
    (6 free German lessons by email sent every 3 days)
  2. Part 2 - Units 7 - 12, including a vocabulary section at the end of each Unit
    (6 German lessons emailed free every 3 days)
When you've finished Units 1-6, register for 2nd Part for Units 7 to 12.
(You can, of course register for both parts of the FSI German Course at the same time).

We do recommend you take your time... there is a lot of information to absorb.

Each German lesson varies between 20 to 30 pages of written pdf format, helping you to learn German from the beginning.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your FSI Learn German Lessons by Email Course

Just follow these instructions:
  1. Fill in the forms to register for the free Foreign Service Institute German course.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email for each part.
  3. Please opt-in - (click on the link) as requested at the beginning of the email. This double confirmation ensures that it is you who is registering and approves of us sending you these emails.
  4. Right-click the LINK to Download the pages in .pdf format. Click the 'Save Target As' box and save the files to a directory of your choice on your computer.
  5. Next, Download the sound recordings in .mp3 format by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Target as' to save them in the same directory on your computer. A player is required, such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime one of which most computers have.(There are other free players available as well, check the internet).
  6. Print the pages out and file them into a big ring-binder.
  7. Dividers are useful to separate the lessons and to find them easily.
  8. Now, work your way through the lessons - read the text, while listening to the sound files on your computer's mp3 player, iPod, etc.
  9. Make notes – you can write all over the pages.
  10. To listen to the sound files away from your computer you can save the mp3 files to an iPod, or other portable device. You can even burn them to a CD so that it can play on a CD player, enabling you to listen to the lessons while you are on the move, in your car, or on the train.
  11. When you have finished the first part of 6 Unit lessons, register for the next Part of 6.
Just to remind you Course One is in two parts and each part consists in 6 Lesson Units in 7 emails. You must re-register for each new batch of 7 emails. We do this to ensure that people are using the lessons that they download, rather than just downloading all the lessons at once, and then not using them. Downloading uses a great deal of bandwidth with our Internet Service Providers (and costs us!).

The FSI German course in the exceltra software engine

We also have a feature that adapts the FSI course to run through the exceltra 200 Words a Day! software, enabling you to read the pdf and listen to the mp3 simultaneously. This is for people who buy the 200 Words a Day! software. Check out our all-inclusive Super Bundle Offers here.

The 200 Words a Day! vocabulary builders are the ideal complement

The 200 Words a Day! courses are the perfect complement to the content of the FSI German course, allowing you to rapidly build your German vocabulary, (now with German Sentences), while thoroughly learning basic German grammar.

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