The Word in German for food or dish is...

die Speise ... to remind you of the word in German for food, or dish, just imagine the female singers from DE SPICE girls DESPISE food or dishes that are laden with die SPICE!

Remember the cartoon of the SPICE Girls to remind you of the word die SPEISE in German.


The word in German for food, or dish, is die Speise.
Imagine that DE SPICE Girls DESPISE foods with DE SPICE!©

You will find your learning, and your later recall of words will be a whole lot easier with a kooky Memory Trigger, and word-association picture or cartoon, such as this one from the 200 Words a Day! team to trigger your memory.

This is one of many German examples from the 200 Words a Day! accelerated learning courses which give you ways to remember words by offering you a goofy cartoon scene of a famous person as a Memory Trigger or Memory Hook.

The cartoon characters can also serve a further dual purpose...

...and this is that they will help you remember the gender of a word (its sex) in languages that use genders for nouns (or things), like German, and like many other European languages because ...

...if you don't know a word's gender, then you don't know the word...

You'll be calling a 'her' a 'him', and a 'him' a 'her' - if you know what I mean...

... sure they'll usually know what you mean to say, but why not save yourself valuable time and learn the two together at the same time - the Memory Trigger locked into your subconscious with the Gender Triggers.

With the right courses you can do this with virtually no extra effort... by learning the word once and learning the Gender Trigger with it, by remembering the same picture.

Gender Triggers

For all nouns (things) in our German courses, if the word is masculine our cartoon's main character will be a male, and if a word is feminine, the main character in the Memory Trigger™ cartoon will be female.

The masculine word for the is 'der'.
The feminine word for the is 'die'.

These Memory Trigger™ pictures are always accompanied on our multi-media software programs with audio that enable you to hear the trigger and the words, to further reinforce learning of the word, and of the Memory Trigger.

... and what's more, the voices that you hear narrating the words are male for masculine and female for feminine, using native speakers for the target foreign language voices.

All this further enhances the efficiency of your learning process.

Each and every individual word in our German courses has a unique Memory Trigger© with a goofy cartoon like our one here of DE SPICE Girls who DESPISE SPICE-laden food, and this helps you to remember that the word in German for food, or dish is die Speise.

Also to further improve the efficiency of your learning words like the German for food or dish, we add color-coding to help you remember genders.

Text for our masculine words is colored in blue, and for our feminine words they are in red.

3 Easy Ways to Overcome the Learners' Trap of German Neuter...

Our system also has three easy ways to overcome the German Neuter trap!

You see, the Germans have a third gender (das) other than masculine and feminine. This is the neuter gender.

The neuter word for the is 'das'...

...and often there is no logical reason as to why a noun in German is masculine, feminine or neuter. For example a little girl is not a feminine noun, but neuter.

Why? Who knows, but the learner must just to learn it!

Our 3 ways to remember German words' genders are part and parcel of every noun you learn...and this includes our unique German Gender Trigger©...

  1. The Smoking Animal features in cartoons to remind you that a German word is neuter. To see an example of this Gender Learning and REMEMBERING in German click here.
  2. The Voices you'll hear with the word have a metallic echo added to the recording of the Memory Trigger, making a distinctive sound.
  3. Neuter words are color-coded orange.

To quickly build a solid base of German vocabulary...

...with efficient tools enabling you to remember German words and their genders, and common German phrases you can rapidly learn the word in German for food, and for thousands of other German words by using the 200 Words a Day system.

Your mind never forgets a picture...

Now just try and forget that picture and the word in German for food or dish... I bet it will be with you for a long time...and if you're ever in any doubt, just think of the picture, because according to scientists the mind never forgets a picture... it just needs a Memory Trigger™ to get it out of the subconscious...

Learning and remembering words in German for food, or dish, or any other common word is now a whole lot easier with the cutting edge 200 Words a Day systems.

...and just to ensure you were paying attention, is the word in German for food masculine or feminine or neuter?

The SPICE GIRLS will always remind you of this!

To learn more about accelerated leaning of German using the 200 Words a Day! software programs click on this link.

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The German for food is die Speise. Cartoon Learning of German Language is efficient, fun and easy..
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