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Holiday phrases are great things to have in store for that overseas vacation in a foreign clime! But you need to learn them in double-quick smart because your precious time is limited.

Answer this quick quiz....

  1. Do you have time to waste?
  2. Are you interested in learning by the fastest method available?
If you answered 'no' to Question 1, and 'yes' to Question 2, then you should read on to learn about the fastest way to learn those useful vacation phrases and expressions that will:
  1. help you through your holiday,
  2. improve your interaction with the local folk,
  3. help you understand more about the local culture and customs,
  4. make you more endearing to the local people?

Learn those Holiday Phrases fast...

If you are simply planning a quick trip to a foreign country and you don't want to learn the whole language, but you do want to learn a few vacation phrases to help ease your way through the journey then there is no quicker way than using the 200 Words a Day! Accelerated Language Learning system.

This system uses the techniques of the world's Memory Masters to help you learn and remember those everyday phrases for your vacation abroad.

The Memory Masters teach us that the way to best remember anything is to visualize it in a zany, crazy silly scene. The sillier, the more vivid and goofy, the better. The more you can add to the scene the better.

200 Words a Day! Super Language Learning system takes this several steps further by:

  1. firstly providing you with the 'silly scene' to help you remember a word or holiday phrase,
  2. putting with a cartoon picture so that you will not forget it, because the mind never forgets a picture,
  3. matching this with the voices of native speakers who teach you how to pronounce the word, phrase or expression.

el folleto

... imagine a man (m) engrossed in a brochure who FALLs over a TOE.

Holiday Language Lessons

The 200 Words a Day! courses (Course 1) cover the most common 1,000 words of a language. Within these courses are several easy lessons focussing on the vocabulary and phrases need for that foreign vacation.

And if you so desire you can learn hundreds more words than taught in the lessons focussing on those holiday words and phrases.

Vacation Phrases and Terminology

You will learn vocabulary on such topics as:
  • Restaurant, Café.
  • Travel.
  • Hotel
  • Airport
  • Train.
  • Useful Expressions - greetings, sayings, pleasantries.
  • Holidays
  • Weather
...and dozens more lessons if you want to progress beyond learning holiday phrases, and moving on to learn more than the basics of the language.

What Languages do we have available for those Holiday Phrases

200 Words a Day! courses come in the following languages listed below - click on the link to see some examples:
  1. Learn Spanish Holiday Phrases
  2. Learn French Vacation Phrases
  3. Learn German Holiday Expressions and Phrases
  4. Learn Italian Holiday Words and Phrases
  5. Learn Welsh Holiday Words and Phrases

Phrases that you MUST Learn for that Overseas Vacation

Some of the most important holiday phrases are those basics that are needed for every day greetings etc. Others might help you in a restaurant when ordering a meal, or when catching a bus, or taxi.

Some of the basic phrases that will be useful on your holiday are:
  • Good morning.
  • Please.
  • Thank you.
  • Don't mention it!
  • Good afternoon.
  • How are you? - Good, fine, great etc.
  • See you soon.
  • Help!
  • To be hungry.
  • Where is the ....?
...and of course hundreds more words and phrases.

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