Italian for bad

Is the bad cat evil?

cattivo (m) = Italian for bad, naughty, unpleasant, evil

Imagine that the bad, naughty CATwoman is just CAT EVIL!

Create a memorable link between the Italian word and the English word. What does it sound like in English?

Add a picture and visualize the CATwoman being bad and evil.

Sentences - the word in action.

See and hear the word in Italian for bad - cattivo - in the context of a sentence.

La medicina ha un cattivo sapore. = The medicine has a bad taste.

Great for listening and spelling practice as well as for learning new words and expressions. Get used to hearing everyday Italian speech spoken naturally.

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Italian Adjectives

All adjectives in Italian agree in gender and number with the noun they are describing.

Most adjectives ending in -o are usually used with masculine nouns.
Most adjectives ending in -a are usually used with feminine nouns.
Most adjectives ending in -e are usually used with either noun.

cattivo is used with masculine nouns:

il cane cattivo = the evil dog.

cattiva is used with feminine nouns:

la senora cattiva = the bad lady.

la bambina cattiva = the naughty girl.

Adjectives are usually placed after the noun, although some can be used before the noun, but the meaning can change:

un amico buono = a friend who is a good person

un buon amico = a good friend, close friend

Other words (synonyms) in Italian for bad include:

brutto (brutta) = ugly, nasty, bad, bad-looking

brutto tiempo = bad weather

male (adv) = badly
andar male = to go bad, badly / to fail
il male (m) = evil

grave (adj) = bad, serious

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