Italian for game

Is it a joke?

il gioco

Imagine ...
“This game is no JOKE, OH no!”
says English soccer star JOE COLE.(m)

200 Words a Day! incorporates unique Gender Triggers into the Memory Trigger of every noun. This saves you valuable time as you learn the gender at the same time as the word.

Il gioco is a masculine noun. Native speakers know the genders instinctively, but learners of the language need to remember these as they are grammatically very important.

You will note in the picture above the male characters in the picture, and the blue colour coding.

In the 200 Words a Day! programme you will also hear a male native speaker pronouncing the word for you. (Click on the word to hear it repeated as often as you wish, and practice saying it out loud.)

Remember the picture, remember the word AND its gender - quickly, easily, effectively.

il gioco - Italian for game

Can also mean: play (ie children's); joke/trick; gambling.

gioco di bambini = children's play
gioco elettronico = computer game
gioco di parole = play on words
gioco di società = board game
giochi online (pl) = online gaming
essere in gioco = to be at stake
giocare (v) = to play, to play games, to have fun
giocare a calico = to play football
giocare a pallacanestro = to play basketball
giocare d’astuzia = to be crafty, cunning
giocare in Borsa = to speculate on the Stock Exchange

Sentences - the word in action.

Ti piacciono i giochi di società? = Do you like board games?

The word in Italian for game- il gioco - see and hear it in the context of a sentence.

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Present Tense - Regular -ARE verbs

Infinitive: giocare = to play
io gioco I play
tu giochi you (inf.sing) play
lui,lei, Lei gioca he/she plays, You (form) play
noi giochiamo we play
voi, Voi giocate you, You (pl) play
loro giocano they play


These are all regular endings, but verbs ending in -care or -gare add h before an ending beginning with i.

e.g.giocare and spiegare (to explain).

tu giochi = you (inf.sing) play
noi giochiamo = we play

tu spieghi = you (inf.sing) explain
noi spieghiamo = we explain

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