Italian for Grandmotherla nonna

Italian for grandmother

la nonna

... imagine the little girl saying,
“My grandmother? 
I’ve KNOWN HER since birth!"

The word in Italian for grandmother is ...

la nonna - so remember the picture of a little girl talking about her grandmother, having KNOWN HER since she was a little girl.

Remember the picture, remember the word.

Learn the Gender ...

Remember the 200 Words a Day! Unique Gender Triggers incorporated into every Memory Trigger and cartoon are designed to help you effectively remember the gender of a nouns every time.

  • The main character is female
  • The voice recordings in the programme are female
  • The words are highlighted in red colour-coding

Note also that this word takes the Definite Article - la - the.

Remember the picture, remember the gender.

Sentences - the word in action

Click on the picture to see and hear a sample sentence of every word like Italian for grandmother.

All are written and recorded by native Italian speakers for natural intonation. These every-day sentences are a great way to develop your reading, listening and writing skills and to learn even more new words and expressions.

Run the Sentences module independently, working through the lessons, testing and revision schedule.

Great for extension practice and enhancing your learning.

Mia nonna ha 72 anni.
My grandmother is 72 years old.

e-Flashcardz - photographic visuals

Try e-Flashcardz as an alternative way to learn vocab and to test yourself on the vocab learnt.

Select the photographic visuals with the click of a button - switch between the Memory Trigger and e-Flashcardz modes whenever you wish.


The Plural Forms of Regular Feminine Nouns and Definite Articles

Definite Article for Plural Feminine Nouns - the
la → le
l' → le

Regular Feminine Nouns Ending Changes in Plural:

l'oliva → le olive - the olives
la scuola → le scuole - the schools
la patata → le patate - the potatoes

la chiave → le chiavi

la mano → le mani

These endings tend to remain the same in the singular and the plural:

la città → le città - the towns, cities
la civiltà → le civiltà - the civilizations

tù →
la virtù → le virtù - the virtues

la crisi → le crisi - the crises

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