Learn Italian for sister

la sorella

italian for sister

la sorella

... imagine her sister is a SURREAL painter (f)
- it's all SO RELAtive!

The word in Italian for Sister is Surreal

The word in Italian for sister - la sorella - sounds very much like "SURREAL" and "SO RELAtive" in English.

Remember the picture of the scenario of a lady looking at her sister’s surreal painting. Use the word association cartoon to remind you of the word sister.

Remember the picture, remember the word.

Learn the Gender ...

Again you will note the Gender Triggers incorporated into the picture to help you remember the gender of nouns at the same time as learning the word.

Note the female characters in the cartoon above.

In addition to the female characters, the Italian word is recorded by a native Italian lady. Similiary, the English word and Trigger are also recorded by female speakers. Finally, the words in the trigger which sound like the Italian are colour-coded red.

Remember the picture, remember the gender.

Sentences - the word in action.

Click on the picture in the 200 Words a Day! programme to see and hear a sample sentence of every word like Italian for sister.

These Sentences have been written and recorded by native Italian speakers. See and hear the word in a natural, everyday context. Listen for intonations, learn some useful expressions, and benefit from exposure to some normal, everyday speech.

In addition to accessing the Sentences from the word pages, you can also run the Sentence course independently, working through the sentences in lessons, and testing yourself on them in the revision schedule.

Great for extension practice and enhancing your learning.

Litigo sempre con mia sorella.
(I) always argue with my sister.

e-Flashcardz - photographic visuals


Traditional Flashcard learning at your interactive fingertips with the e-Flashcardz option.

Great photographic visuals to complement the Memory Trigger cartoons - ideal for testing and revision stages.

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Grammar Lesson: Feminine Nouns

Remember ...

Nouns ending in - a are usually feminine.

la ragazza = girl

Nouns ending in - o are usually masculine.

il ragazzo = boy

Nouns ending in - e can be either masculine or feminine.

il padre = father
la madre = mother

And, there are exceptions ...

SOME nouns ending in -o can be feminine

Sometimes those words derived from longer word:
la foto (la fotografia) = photo(graph)
la moto (la motocicletta) = motorbike

But that's not always the case:
la mano = hand
la radio = radio

Words ending in -tà and -tù
la città = city
la crudeltà = cruelty
la densità = density
la gioventù = youth

Those ending in -ista can refer to either masculine or feminine:
il/la artista = artist
il/la dentista = dentist
il/la ottimista = optimist

Other endings which are usually feminine:
-i : la crisi = crisis
-ione : l'educazione (f) = education
-ie : la moglie = wife
-ice : la lavatrice = washing machine

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