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Daily Italian Lesson List of Fully Congjuated Verbs

The Italian verb lessons involve a full table of conjugations of the featured verb of the day. Follow the patterns by both row and by column in order to learn : .

    tense by tense, as well as ...
    pronoun by pronoun

Make the most of your precious time by learning the verb deeper and broader.

The difference that students experience is amazing, with beginner verb students being able to get a grasp of 'advanced' verbs at a very early stage of their learning.

Try them for a month and you will note a significant improvement on verb tables that do not follow this format.

Daily Italian Lesson List

January Verbs Conjugated
Irregular -ire
February Verbs Conjugated
Regular -are
findreperire utterproferire
rejuvenateringiovanire softenrammollire
amazesbalordire inhabitabitare
protectschermire doubtdubitare
visitvisiter gravitategravitare
sipsorbire operatesentire
substitutechambouler healsostituire
irritatestizzire botherscomodare
coughtossire sowseminare
uniteunire glean spigolare
betraytradire stranglestrangolare
hushzittare stimulatestimolare
injure forferire be quiet tacitare
sendspedire toleratetollerare
transfertrasferire visitvisitare
disobeydissubbidire sugarzuccherare
flauntesibire emulateemulare
make uglyimbruttire accumulateaccumulare
petrifyimpietrire agglomerateagglomerare
make nastycarotter visualiseincattivire
hardenindurire commemoratecommemorare
ferociousinferocire denominatedenominare
inhibitinibire deposit depositare
insertinserire desiredesiderare
foreseeintuire examineexaminare
strengthenirrobustire facilitatefacilitare
thickenispessire speakparlare
licklambire parlare duplicated

March Verbs Conjugated
Regular -are
April Verbs Conjugated
Regular -are
swimnuotare tan, bronzeabbronzare
listenascoltare put asideaccantonare
wait (for)aspettare marry offaccasare
crossattraversare catchacchiappare
buycomprare catchacciuffare
smokefumare poolaccomunare
inviteinvitare bump offaccoppare
registerregistrare accuseaccusare
driveguidare point toadditare
findtrovare saddenaddolorare
swimnuotare dupl sleepaddormentare
enterentrare get crossadirare
singcantare adore adorare
arrivearrivare adornadornare
telephonetelefonare adoptadottare
throwgettare flatteradulare
danceballare entrustaffidare
informinformare sharpenaffilare
compareconfrontare grabagguantare
introducepresentare confrontaffrontare
happenpassare inciteaizzare
feedalimentare caressaccarezzare
matchabbinare draw near accostare
accustomabituare starveaffamare
trainallenare grabafferrare
feedallatare temptallettare
train, teachammaestrare secondassecondare
administeramministrare assignassegnare
boardabbordare deafeneassordare
sinkaffondare adaptadeguare

May Verbs Conjugated
Regular -are
June Verbs Conjugated
Regular -are
fascinateaffascinare take care (of)badare
agitateagitare flashbalenare
grumblebrontolare cheat (cards)barare
teach literacyalfabetizzare drink ( a toast)brindare
alienatealienare throwbuttare
abandonabbandonare lowercalare
alertallertare happencapitare
breedallevare censorcensurare
enlivenallietare point toadditare
handcuffammanettare bring nearavvicinare
raise (lift)alzare furnisharredare
sickenammalare assimilateassimilare
killammazzare attract attirare
blanketammantare ciphercifare
moderniseammodernare activateattivare
stink outammorbare provecomprovare
numberannoverare concentrateconcentrare
sniffannusare confineconfinare
bring forwardanticipare compareconfrontare
bombbombardare coinconiare
thrillappassionare deliverconsegnare
stink outappestare considerconsiderare
amassammassare contemplate contemplare
make easieragevolare continuecontinuare
administeramministrare bargaincontrattare
admireammirare coordinatecoordinare
alternatealternare tastedegustare
setambientare attachfissare
animateanimare breathefaitare
appreciateapprezzare dipinzuppare

More Verbs to follow:

Click here to see how the verb lessons appear on the Daily Italian Lesson pages.

Remember that each time that you practise a verb fully, by row, by column or both, you are reinforcing the patterns of the many other verbs that follow the same pattern.

Keep checking this Italian Lesson list as we add more daily verbs to fill an entire year.

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